Maltese White Wine

By the glass € 3.95

Green Label Blanc de Blanc  € 14.95

Malta’s most popular white wine delivers classic, clean, fruit-driven flavours.

Maltese Falcon Chardonnay  € 16.40

An aromatic, fruity dry white wine made from quality Malta grown Chardonnay grapes.

Donato Chardonnay   € 16.40

Crisp, flavoursome, fruity palate in a creamy, attractive style true to the typical hallmark of the variety

Gabrieli Pinot Grigio   € 16.40

Classic, light white wine with a fruity, slightly floral nose and a crisp elegant dry palate.

Landini Trebbiano Classico   € 16.40

Crisp, fuller flavoured dry palate in a fruity style with flavours of pears and green apples.

Cavalli – Sauvignon Blanc   € 16.40

Fruity dry palate filled Sauvignon Blanc in a deliciously refreshing, tangy style of this noble grape.

Medina Chardonnay  D.O.K. MALTA  € 17.40

A fuller flavoured, dry white wine made from the finest Malta grown Chardonnay grapes.

Medina Vermentino Zibibbo D.O.K. MALTA  € 17.40

Fruit-packed, dry and aromatic white wine with a delicate floral bouquet made from a

combination of two Malta grown grape varieties, Vermentino and Zibibbo.

Medina Savignon Blanc  D.O.K. MALTA  € 17.40

Crisp, dry white wine with pleasant fruity flavours of Granny Smith apples, grapefruit and kiwi.

Casella Moscato  € 17.40

Deliciously golden sweet rich concentrated wine that is the perfect accompaniment to most desserts.

Grand Vin De Hauteville Chardonnay  D.O.K. MALTA   € 25.50

A lush, full-bodied Malta grown, oak aged, Chardonnay endowed with subtle hints of exotic fruit.


Maltese Red Wine

By the glass € 3.95

Red Label Rouge de Rouge   € 14.95

Medium-bodied dry red wine well-liked for its soft characteristics and its fruit packed flavours.

Carissimi Cabernet Sauvignon   € 16.40

A mono-varietal red wine with elegant, robust palate. A fruity red with flavours of cassis and red berries.

Maltese Falcon Merlot   € 16.40

A fruity, full bodied red wine made from Malta grown Merlot grape varieties.

Marenzio Merlot   € 16.40

An easy drinking mono-varietal red wine with a soft, mellow, and soave palate.

Medina Syrah Grenache   D.O.K. MALTA   € 17.40

A skilful blend of three grape varieties. Syrah, Grenache and Carignan. An easy drinking, soft, fruity red .

Medina Cabernet Franc  D.O.K. MALTA     € 17.40

A young robust, vibrant full bodied fruity red wine made from Cabernet Franc grapes.

Medina Merlot D.O.K. MALTA    € 17.40

This is an unoaked Maltese Merlot that is full flavoured, fruity, soft and appealing.

Medina Sangiovese I.G.T MALTESE ISLANDS    € 17.40

A medium bodied, soft, spicy wine with aromas and flavours of red forest fruits mixed with black pepper.

Grand Vin De Hauteville Shiraz Cabernet  D.O.K. MALTA    € 25.50

An elegant barrel matured, fruit packed blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.


Imported White Wine

By The Glass                        SAUVIGNON BLANC - ITALY                    €   3.95



CHARDONNAY - Cielo. - Colli Berici.

Flowery with hints of ripe peaches and a round and velvety after-taste.  € 18.45

PINOT GRIGIO  -  Cielo. -  Pavia.

On the nose bread crust and green apples with a fresh and pleasant finish. € 18.45

SOAVE CLASSICO -   Bolla. Veneto.

Garganega , Trebbiano. Light - bodied, with a lovely dry and soft finish. € 20.95

GAVI di GAVI -   Fontana Fredda. Piemonte. (Half Btl: € 14.50)  

A good minerally white, noted for its acute dryness and flinty acidity. € 24.50



PETIT CHABLIS - J. Moreau & Fils, Burgundy.

Chardonnay.  A delicate frame, crisp, lively and firm with a steely core. € 28.55


SANCERRE  -  Pascal Jolivet, Loire Valley.

Sauvignon Blanc. Grassy quality with Crisp flavours offer a citric fruit tang. € 30.95



SAUVIGNON - MARQUES de Riscal, Rueda.

Lively grapefruit and soft almond flavours mingle in this silky white. € 22.95




Aromas of exotic fruit and apricots. Fresh, and spicy with an attractive finish. € 20.95



CHENIN BLANC - FOOT of Africa, Stellenbosch.

Strong tropical, pineapple aromas on the nose, with a good crisp acidity.  € 20.95




Faintly herbaceous, oak aromas, offering a soft palate of citrus flavours.  € 23.95




Intense white peach and melon fruit with a hint of nutty oak and buttery complexity.

The texture is soft, silky and balanced by a crisp, zesty citrus finish.    € 22.95



SAUVIGNON BLANC, Private BIN - Villa Maria, Marlborough.

Fresh, vibrant and reminiscent of summer aromas of grass and earth. A palate

of citrus, and tangy grapefruit. Refreshing acidity and cool, clean crisp finish.     € 30.95


All prices include 18% VAT – No Service Charge


Imported Red Wine

By The Glass                   CABERNET SAUVIGNON  -  Cielo.  Italy               € 3.95




CABERNET SAUVIGNON  - Cielo - Colli Berici

Aromatic, with hints of raspberry and spices. Full bodied and flavourful.        € 18.45


MERLOT  - Cielo - Colli Berici

Ruby red colour, very fruity, round and polished.                                            € 18.45


VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO - Bolla, Veneto    (Half Btl: € 14.50)  

Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella.  Rich and elegant aromas of ripe fruit.      € 20.95


CHIANTI  Ruffino, Toscana

Sangiovese.  Floral and fruity mid-bodied and well balanced.                           € 23.45



‘Nero d’Avola’ grapes cultivated on the cooler, high hills of Sicily.

Soft, elegant tannins, with subtle hints of wood. The name comes from the Sicilian word for love, “L’ Amore.”



Beaujolais villages - George Duboeuf, beaujolais.

Gamay. This wine bursts on the palate with gobs of dark cherry and cassis fruit.  € 20.55


CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE  - Mont Redon, Rhone Valley.

Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault.  Opulent young fruit acquire rich, toasty flavours

which develop into a wine of considerable finesse and elegance.         € 40.95



MALBEC  - Bodega Norton, Mendoza.

A classic balance of refreshing acidity, fine tannins and vibrant fruits.   € 23.95



Shiraz Viognier - Foot of Africa.

Mulberry and rosemary on the palate are well integrated with French oak tannins,

giving this wine a smoky, spicy dimension.       € 20.95




Lovely soft red fruits - raspberry, blackberry and plums, balanced with juicy

flavours and integrated tannins.            € 23.95




Complex palate, with plum and spice flavours and hints of cassis and oak.  € 22.95


All prices include 18% VAT – No Service Charge


Rosé Wine

By The Glass                  Dolcino Rosé               € 3.95



Maltese Rosé

Dolcino Rosé  € 14.95

A deliciously fruity, well-balanced crisp rosé with a fleshy palate of fruit with a crisp and refreshing finish.

Medina Rosé  Grenache D.O.K. MALTA    € 17.40

A fine and delightfully fruity rosé wine made from Malta grown red Grenache grapes.

Imported Rosé

CHILE   Cabernet Rosé  - Vistana St. Carolina   (glass € 3.75)    € 20.45

FRANCE       Rosé  Cabernet D'anjou  - Langois Chateau.           € 20.95


Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Prosecco  Cielo                    € 20.50

Prosecco  Cinzano               € 24.50

Moet & Chandon 37.5CL    € 35.50

Moet & Chandon                 € 67.00